Paul Gauguin

Is my Paul Gauguin painting authentic?

The researchers at Gauguin Experts have been answering that question for decades. We look for the proof, and if your suspicions are correct, we confirm by issuing an official Certificate of Authenticity.

Gauguin was a restless soul – always searching for a simple, more primitive way of life. He spent several years living in French Polynesia and we have reason to believe that he may have lost several paintings during this time. He suffered from mental illness (perhaps due to an untreated case of syphilis) and was dangerously sick for a time. This could be another explanation for undocumented works of art.

During the process of research, we never rule out the possibility of discovering a previously unknown Gauguin drawing or painting.

What are the key authentication research methods of Gauguin Experts?

We have all of the resources available to perform highly specialized scientific and forensic analysis of your painting or drawing – IR photography, x-ray photography, materials analysis, handwriting sampling, etc. We can also dig deep into the written historical record.

Our preferred method of research is known as Morellian Analysis. This is a simple, cost-effective method of comparing a single piece of art to the artist’s entire documented body of work. It should only be performed by an individual or organization with a deep understanding of Gauguin’s personal style.

Will you help me sell my authentic Gauguin drawing or painting?

Gauguin Experts maintains its integrity as an unbiased research organization by not taking part in the sales process. However, we can point you in the right direction if you are interested in approaching an auction house or have questions about securing a private buyer.

Why won’t artist foundations, museums or auction houses return my calls?

Unfortunately, these institutions are not equipped to handle the thousands of individual inquiries they receive daily. If contact with a particular foundation or museum becomes necessary during the process of research, we will reach out on your behalf.

To learn more about our Paul Gauguin art authentication services, contact us.